Written by David Farrell, the Family Poultry Training Course helps families and communities achieve sustainable, small-scale poultry production.

The Scavenging Chickens Training Handbook caters to backyard / village production (and may be useful for school-based poultry keeping).

The Trainers’ Manual (for instructors) and Trainees’ Manual complement each other and are designed for a commercial farm setting.


Author David Farrell

We thank the ATSE Crawford Fund for providing financial assistance to improve and upgrade the three manuals to make them suitable for Poultry Hub. We are grateful to UniQuest (The University of Queensland) who provided financial support in the early stages of producing these manuals. These manuals were written and produced by David Farrell with the technical assistance of Rider Perez-Maldonado and Bronwyn Powell, and illustrated by Shona Reed and Susan Powell. The conversion into an online format on Poultry Hub was overseen by the Poultry CRC.

Scavenging Chickens Training HandbookScavenging chickens backgroundScavenging chickens housingScavenging chickens furnishing the houseScavenging chickens breeding and incubationScavenging chickens rearing chickensScavenging chickens feed and feedingScavenging chickens healthScavenging chickens scenarioTrainers’ ManualGlossary of TermsPreamblePurpose and ObjectivesIntroduction and BackgroundPoultry BreedsHousingEquipmentBroodingFeedingHealth and DiseaseBroiler ProductionEgg ProductionTrainees’ ManualPurpose & ObjectivesIntroductionUnit 2 - Poultry BreedsHousing and EquipmentBroodingCommercial Broiler ProductionCommercial Egg ProductionRecord KeepingFeasibility StudyBudget