Poultry supplies

Poultry supplies are essential to breeders, hobbyists, smallholders, and complete beginners to poultry keeping. Poultry supplies including incubators, hen houses, drinkers, feeders, cages, and pens are important to all levels of poultry keepers. Poultry healthcare supplies such as vitamins, natural supplements, vaccines, antibiotics, dewormers, and more are also available from poultry suppliers. Poultry grooming tools are essential for keepers involved in poultry show and competitions.



Bellsouth is Australia’s largest mail order incubation and poultry equipment business.



Dine-a-Chook is a family-owned business operating from Townsville in North Queensland. They sell a range of labour-saving poultry supplies, including supplements, drinkers, fencing, and other accessories. Dine-a-chook also manufacture and sell a clean and convenient chicken feeder, which they designed from their own experience of keeping backyard chickens.


Farmstock is an Australian classifieds website dedicated to farming and farm supplies. Farmstock’s Poultry Equipment and Supplies sections hosts community posts on poultry supplies, books, and breeds for sale and for trade.

Little Valley Poultry


Located at Morisset, NSW (45 minutes up the freeway from Sydney or 40 minutes from Newcastle), Little Valley Poultry offer the most affordable selection of high quality and affordable poultry equipment, medications, vitamin supplements and more, to be found anywhere on the internet!  And of course a range of beautiful girls who will supply you with your own ‘home grown’ eggs.



Multiquip, founded 1984, first invented and produced litter machines which removed chicken litter from poultry sheds. Now various types of poultry equipment for both the commercial and hobby market are produced by the company. Multiquip’s online retail site offers industrial incubators, smaller capacity incubators, egg hatchers, poultry brooders, thermometers, egg trays, fertility testers, feeders, drinkers, disinfectants, egg washing equipment, and much more. Multiquip is located in New South Wales, Australia. The company offers delivery throughout Australia and international shipping.



With two warehouses (Wetherill Park and Mount Druitt) MyChickenCoop provide the ultimate shopping destination for premium quality, affordable chicken coops, rabbit hutches and dog kennels. They take pride in offering customers top quality chicken houses at the lowest price, guaranteed.

The Farmers Mailbox


The Farmers Mailbox is a family-owned company that’s been operating for 13 years. The company supplies farmers throughout Australia with a large range of livestock and smallholding gear. The Farmers Mailbox sells poultry leg bands, feeders and drinkers. The company also sells books on poultry keeping and building chicken coops.

The Poultry Site


The Poultry Site is devoted solely to poultry and their good health and welfare. Besides maintaining an extensive Quick Disease Guide, Poultry Industry Business Directory, and discussion forums, the Poultry Site also sells a range of bird housing including hen coops, duck and goose arks, nest boxes, and poultry crates. You can also find poultry drinkers, and poultry feeders on the Poultry Site. Books on poultry keeping, poultry nutrition, and poultry welfare are also on offer.

Top Knot Poultry Supplies


Located in Victoria, Australia, Top Knot Poultry Supplies is exclusive importer and distributor for Brinsea Incubation Products throughout Australia. Top Knot Poultry Supplies specialises in incubation and brooding equipment for parrots, poultry, and reptiles.

W. A. Poultry Equipment


W. A. Poultry Equipment is a family-owned manufacturer and retailer of poultry supplies. The facilities and shop are located in Baldivis, which is located 60 kilometres south of Perth. The products are distributed via the company’s retail shop and mail order system. The mail order catalogue can be downloaded online and delivery is offered throughout Australia. The company offers incubators, brooders, drinkers, feeders, leg rings, hen houses, chicken coops, poultry books, thermometers, thermostats, electrical fencing, netting, and other poultry supplies.

Online Bookstores

  • Amazon.com [1]
  • Amazon.co.uk [2]
  • Barnes & Noble [3]
  • Blackwell [4]
  • Borders.com [5]
  • Borders.com.au [6]
  • Waterstone’s [7]
  • WHSmith [8]

These online bookstores offer a wide range of of books on poultry keeping, building chicken coops, poultry breeding, smallholding, poultry breeds, poultry health, and much more. Most of these online bookstores ship within their own respective countries as well to worldwide locations.