Retail industries

Retail industries include those that sell poultry products to the consumer through retail outlets. Both eggs and chicken meat are sold through food stores and supermarkets. Chicken meat is also sold through speciality chicken stores, ranging from KFC and Red Rooster to smaller barbecue and charcoal chicken stores. The products are also used in the manufacture of many other foods. Eggs in particular are used in many bakery products and other cooked foods. The promotion of eggs and chicken meat has always been supported with recipe ideas.

The chicken meat industry supplies fresh chickens to KFC, which is a major selling point, and KFC have now advertised that they only use fresh chicken products from the three major chicken meat producers. The auditing procedures applied by big chains (for example McDonald, KFC and Red Rooster) to the producers of meat and eggs ensure quality and compliance with use of medication and animal welfare standards. The poultry industry often receives negative publicity, including the alleged use of hormones to improve meat chicken growth (which is false!). There have been successful advertisements with joint appearances between fast food outlets and the major poultry integrators informing the public that hormones are not used in Australian poultry production.