Research activities associated with commercial poultry production in Australia are funded from a variety of sources, including the poultry industries. Organisations such as the Agrifutures Chicken Meat ProgramAustralian Eggs and PoultryHub Australia then allocate these funds into key research areas. Research is conducted at both state and federal agencies and university institutions.

Australian Eggs

Australian Eggs invests in research projects to improve the sustainability of the egg industry, the RD&E program focuses on needs identified and prioritised by the industry, there are rigorous processes in place to ensure each research project is relevant to egg farmers.

Research projects aim to provide solutions for egg farmers and industry stakeholders across all of the supply chain, generally in a 1-5 year delivery time-frame.

Resources and tools developed through the investment process are shared with farmers and other stakeholders with a view to industry adoption. Below is a graphic of the Research, Development and Extension activities of Australian Eggs.

RDE graph from AOP

(Information and graphic provided by Australian Eggs)

Visit the Australian Eggs  website for information on current and completed projects


AgriFutures  Australia Chicken Meat Program

Through targeted high-impact RD&E projects, the AgriFutures Australia Chicken Meat Program will achieve significant benefits to industry designed to maintain its position as the number one consumed meat in the country. Key components of the Chicken Meat Program are increasing productivity and efficiency of production, and delivering safe food and good animal welfare outcomes.

The program is funded by statutory levies paid by industry participants. This levy revenue is matched by AgriFutures Australia at up to 0.5 per cent of GVP. AgriFutures Australia is an essential partner with PoultryHub, the Chicken Meat Program also collaborates with other rural research and development corporations.

AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program

AgriFutures Australia is the new trading name for Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC).