Relationship, Bonding, Behaviour

By Brittney Ferguson and Tori Connor

Be gentle and calm with your chook

  • Always stay calm otherwise the chook will get scared.
  • Remember to stroke when holding that will show the chook that you are calm and harmless.
  • Talk quietly when around chooks otherwise it will scare them.
  • Treat it like a friend don’t throw it or hurt it don’t punch it and be gentle.
  • Don’t rush it into tricks otherwise it might feel scared and it might act up because it might not be ready.
  • Spend time with it and tame it so it is well behaved.
  • Make sure you wash your bird when needed so it is clean and feels fresh for the show.
  • It helps when it has a clean cage.
  • Make sure the place is tidy so it stays clean.
  • Make sure you clean their feet and nails when necessary because they will get inspected for judging.
  • Bonding and spending time with it is very important as it will help with the chook’s behaviour.
  • If you have a rooster, don’t let it mix with other roosters because they will fight. They can seriously hurt themselves.
  • Treat your bird well and make sure you know where it is if it is out of the cage.
  • Make sure you check regularly for pests, food and water.