A Belgian bird, the Campine do not often go broody, they are good layers but are a bit flighty. Their shanks and toes are leaden blue. This gorgeous Northern European fowl is valued for it’s large white eggs and beauty. Their close-fitting feathers and relatively large combs mean they’re not the most cold-hardy fowl, but they can certainly tolerate some cold as they were developed in an area with cold winters. Campines are active birds and love to forage.


Soft feather – light


The Campine’s head and neck is gold with the remainder of the bird being beetle – green (black), it can also have a white head and neck with the remainder also being beetle-green.

Campine, Silver Male


Cock 2.7 Kg
Hen 2.3 Kg

Campine, Gold Female

Bantam Variety Campine

Rooster 680 g
Hen 570 g

Egg Colour