The Langshan originates from China and is probably to most popular breed in Australia. It is a very tall bird that has feathered legs and can boast very long wing and tail feathers. The Langshan is a very proud bird with great posture and is also very active. The Langhan is a great winter layer and can produce, on average, 200-220 eggs per year. It is also known for its meat, which makes it a good dual-purpose bird.  The two predominant varieties are the early maturing Chinese (Australian) and the rare, but heavier, Croad. They are shown in different classes at shows.


Soft feather – heavy


Usually black (beetle-green) the Langshan can also be white and of blue appearance. They have long full tails.


Cock 4.0 Kg
Hen 3. 2 Kg
Cockerel 3.64 Kg
Pullet 2.95 Kg

Bantam Variety Langshan

Rooster 1 Kg
Hen 0.9 Kg

Egg Colour

Plumb brown