The Langshan originates from China and is probably the most popular breed in Australia. The Australian Langshan was bred in Australia during the early 20th century by selective cross breeding of Croad Langshans, Orpingtons, Wakfer Chinese Langshan and Modern Langshan. It is a very tall bird that has feathered legs and can boast very long wing and tail feathers. The Langshan is a very proud bird with great posture and is also very active. The Langshan is a great winter layer and can produce, on average, 200-220 eggs per year. It is also known for its meat, which makes it a good dual-purpose bird.  The two predominant varieties are the early maturing Chinese (Australian) and the rare, but heavier, Croad. They are shown in different classes at shows.

Langshan, Clipped Black Female – Bantam


Soft feather – heavy


Usually black (beetle-green) the Langshan can also be white and of blue appearance. They have long full tails.


Cock 4.0 Kg
Hen 3. 2 Kg
Cockerel 3.64 Kg
Pullet 2.95 Kg

Langshan, Black Male – Bantam

Bantam Variety Langshan

Rooster 1.0 Kg
Hen 0.9 Kg

Egg Colour

Plum brown