Old English Game

Old English Game are a descendant of English fighting cocks, and a close relation to the original Jungle Fowl and were traditionally bred as a fighting bird. Since the prohibition of cock-fighting in the UK these birds are mainly now bred for display purposes. Even though their body size is quite small, their meat is quite well suited for consumption. Old English Game have only a modest egg laying capacity, averaging 160-180 eggs a year. Considering their aggressive hereditary origins, it is advisable to separate older cocks from the main flock.


A wide variety of colours, including:

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Red breasted
  • Spangled
  • Silver


Cock 2.2 Kg
Hen 1.8 Kg
Cockerel 1.8 Kg
Pullet 1.6 Kg

Egg Colour