The Polish is a European breed of chicken, which is believed to have originated in the Netherlands. The English language name of these birds is a misnomer, as they do not originate in the country of Poland. The Polish have a magnificent crest of feathers, which often resembles a hat, that covers almost the entire head of the bird. These large crests are due to a cone (called a protuberance) on the top of their skull. In addition to the crest, they have a small V – shaped comb with white ear lobes. They may be bearded or non-bearded. Due to these features, the Polish is bred primarily as a show bird, however they were originally egg layers. Current breeds of Polish lay few white eggs and do not display broodiness.


Light feather – soft


A wide range of colours and combinations with crests that vary in size, shape and colour. Sometimes frizzled feathers. Colours: Black, blue, buff, golden, white, silver.


Cock 3 Kg
Hen 2.3 Kg

Bantam Variety Polish

Rooster 680g – 790 g
Hen 510g – 680 g

Egg Colour