Rhode Island

Rhode Island, Red Female

Rhode Island chickens are a very popular dual purpose poultry breed. The red variety is capable of producing 200- 250 large eggs annually, however the cock is very aggressive. This must be taken into account before choosing this particular breed as a pet or mixing it with other varieties. The Rhode Island has yellow shanks and performs well under most conditions and rarely goes broody.


Soft feather – heavy


Various shades of red with some black. There is also a white feathered Rhode Island (white is however very rare).

Rhode Island, Red Male – Bantam 

Estimated Weight

Cock 3.9 Kg
Hen 3.0 Kg
Cockerel 3.4 Kg
Pullet 2.5 Kg

Bantam Variety Rhode Island

Rooster 790 – 910 g
Hen 690 – 790 g

Egg Colour