Rosecomb, Clipped Female – Bantam

The Rosecomb is an attractive small bantam which is lively by nature and is thus highly flighty. As a result, it is a breed more suitable for experienced poultry keepers instead of first time chicken keepers. They are not the best egg layer amongst the other fancy breeds however it is well-known for its succulent meat. The Rosecomb is an attractive bird and is subsequently utilised primarily for show. Rosecombs have large tails, white ear lobes and a large beaded rose comb extending backwards. Their face and wattles are cherry-red. In Australia, the black, blue and white varieties are the most popular.


True Bantam


Black, blue white, black – breasted red, birchen, columbian and many other colour combinations.

Rosecomb, Male


Cock 570 – 620 g
Hen 450 – 510 g

Egg Colour

White or cream