The Appleyard duck (also called the Silver Appleyard) breed originated in England. They are characterised by their multi-colouring, and known for their flavourful meat and great egg-laying ability (100 to  180 eggs/year).

Appleyard Drakes have a yellow or green bill, a chestnut red breast, flank and sides, and shoulders with white “frosting and lacing” and a “creamy or silvery white” underside. Drakes’ wings are grey and white with a cross-stripe of bright blue. Their tail feathers are a dark bronze colour and their feet and legs are orange.

Appleyard Silver Drake

The Silver Appleyard hen bill is yellow or orange bill with a black “bean” on the top of the bill. Their plumage is whitish with markings in various shades of brown and grey. Her legs are yellow or orange with dark toenails and she, like the drake, also has wings marked with a blue cross-stripe.




The Appleyard Duck is a large and solid Duck, featuring a prominent breast.


Drake/Duck  2.73 – 3.64 Kg

Egg Colour

Creamy white to off white