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Poultry Hub Australia

Poultry Hub Australia (PHA) is a not-for-profit organisation located at the University of New England in Armidale, NSW. PHA funds research that focuses on challenges identified in the Australian Poultry Industry and requires a collaborative approach to deliver solutions quickly and effectively. An important aspect of PHA’s activities is to recognise that effective communication between researchers and industry is essential to increase the adoption rate of research. This is because real solutions are much more likely to arise if researchers start with a clear understanding of the problems the poultry industry faces. PHA promotes the adoption of new and existing research outputs by facilitating two way communication between researchers and industry through training, workshops, demonstration trials and communication activities. PHA has a commitment to build capacity through mentoring and coordination of poultry research students and to engage with schools and the public to deliver accurate information about our industry. We provide training programs and education material for the benefit of industry. All administration costs associated with the running of PHA are covered and as such every dollar invested goes directly towards research, extension and education projects essential for innovation and advancement of the Australian poultry industry.

Professor Mingan Choct, the Poultry CRC's long standing CEO.

History of Poultry Hub Australia

An initiative of the Poultry CRC in Australia, this website was originally developed to share just about anything to do with commercial poultry production. Students and educators from Australia and around the world are using the Poultry Hub website to learn about poultry and poultry production, stimulating interest in poultry science and hopefully dispelling some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding poultry production at the same time.

This site initially set up using MediaWiki software, allowed a collaborative resource centre where people could contribute their knowledge and expertise about poultry. The Armidale-based Poultry CRC’s CEO, Professor Mingan Choct, said at the time, “Finally, people can visit a ‘one-stop-
shop’ that lets them search for poultry-related information or chip in with their own bit of knowledge or expertise.” Poultry Hub has moved to the WordPress platform, whereby information can now only be added by registered users.

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