Chook Chat Hack


The world is on track to run short of chicken and eggs by the year 2050. How do we solve this?


Is the answer in science, agri-tech, economics, psychology, engineering, marketing, design or none of the above? Why did the chicken cross the road? It’s anyone’s guess.


The Chook Chat Hack is a competition to see who can come up with the best idea about the future of the Poultry Industry (that’s chicken and egg producers). Entrants are given some information about the industry and the issues it’s currently facing and a few days to film themselves pitching their idea.


So, what do you have to do? It’s easy, register yourself here.

You can enter solo, or as part of a team. Teams can have a maximum of 5 people and each individual must register. If you are registering as a part of a team, agree upon your team name and enter it at the time of registration.

The first 100 people to register will receive a limited-edition space-chook trucker cap.

Once registered you’ll receive a confirmation email with the Chook Chat Hack program.

Commencing on Wednesday, March 28th, the Hack program runs across 5 days and is 100% online (but don’t stress, it won’t be overly time-consuming, we know you’ve got a life to live).

Over the first 2 days, we’ll provide you with bite-sized pieces of information about poultry to help you come up with a great idea. On day 3 you can book a 15-minute session with a poultry expert who can help you workshop your idea.

There is no official program on days 4 and 5, these can be used to perfect your pitch and submit your video. You can film it with a smartphone, a go-pro or a professional video recorder, it’s up to you, just keep it under 3 minutes. Upload your pitch to YouTube and submit the video link and viola -winner, winner, chicken dinner!

If you are a part of a team, only one team member needs to upload the video. Whoever submits the video will be considered the team leader. In the event your team wins a prize, the prize will be distributed to the team leader.

Anyone enrolled at an Australian University is eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions are available here.

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