Poultry Hub Jobs Program

Poultry Hub Jobs Program

Poultry Hub Australia is offering a training program to prepare you to go straight into a job on a poultry farm.

Date of next training: The training is currently being run in person every fortnight. Please contact us for the next scheduled date.

Location: Jobs Australia Training Rooms, Tamworth NSW

Training is scheduled: 9:30am – 3:30pm for 4 days a week

Catering will be provided.

Modules covered and examples of what is involved:

Module 1: Introduction to poultry

This is your opportunity to ask us absolutely anything about the poultry industry, and for us to introduce you to the wonderful world of chooks and the EGGciting range of jobs opportunities available! You will learn some interesting facts and statistic about poultry production and consumption.

Module 2: Work Skills

Do you know what employers are looking for? We will have a look at the transferrable soft skills that make you an asset to any workplace.

Module 3: Working in the Poultry Industry

In this session, you will learn about the variety and types of job in the poultry industry and have a closer look at what the jobs involve.

Module 4: Biosecurity

Biosecurity is integral to protect the birds against pests and disease. Whilst learning best biosecurity practice you will have the opportunity to build a Lego chicken farm and get dressed up in all the biosecurity gear!

Module 5: Health and safety

We care about you as much as we care about our chooks, so in this session we will be discussing how to keep you safe and healthy whilst working on farm. We also have an online game teaching how egg quality is determined on farms, ensuring we deliver secure food to Australia.

Module 6: Health checking birds

In this session we will get up close and personal with our feathered friends, by conducting thorough health checks and learning the warning signs for diseases and health conditions. You also learn about what we feed chickens, why and how chook food is produced.

Module 7: Feeding Poultry

You will learn about the formulation of feed, how a feed mill operates and some of the jobs in the feed production side of poultry production.

Module 8: Egg Industry

In this session, you will have an in depth look at the egg industry and the different production systems. You will learn about egg grading and egg quality.

Module 9: Meat Industry

You will learn about the production of Broilers and look at eh farming practices and differences in production. We will also take you on a virtual tour of a processing plant and learn about the jobs involved. You also have a chance to learn the different cuts of chicken meat and check for quality.

Module 10: Virtual Reality Chicken

You will get to use the Virtual Reality headsets to learn and test your knowledge of the chickens anatomy.

Module 11: Interview

This is an opportunity for you to tell us what type of job you would like to pursue and whether you would like to go into the egg, broiler, feed or processing industry.

All these modules will be completely hands-on and there will be no written assessment or writing tasks.

Applicants will receive a formal certificate on completion of the program.

The Local Jobs Program (LJP) is funded by the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

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