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Professor Tamsyn Crowley


Poultry Hub Australia

Professor Tamsyn Crowley, Director of Poultry Hub Australia, is acclaimed for her vast research experience and leadership skills. She expertly manages PHA and leads a poultry research lab at Deakin University.

Her work spans community involvement, emphasizing inclusive engagement. Tamsyn excels in strategy, collaboration, funding acquisition, and relationship management, crucial in budgeting and operations. Her research focuses on poultry science, tackling gut health, epigenetics, and bioinformatics.

Professor Crowley holds a bachelor’s with first class honours in Applied Biology/Biotechnology and a PhD in Genetics and Breeding and is a fellow of the ARLF. Her career at renowned institutions highlights her significant influence in both academia and science leadership.

Trent McIntyre

Business and Research Advisor

Trent McIntyre is the Business and Research Advisor at Poultry Hub Australia, responsible for managing daily operations and research project management. He aids in budgeting and risk assessment for research projects, ensuring smooth workflow coordination and stakeholder relationships with both industry and researchers.

His background includes project management, biosecurity, GIS, carbon farming and research assistance. Trent holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science and a Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques.

Carissa Anderson

Education Officer

Carissa Anderson is the Education Officer at Poultry Hub,  she plays a key role in developing educational activities and resources for the Australian poultry industry. Specialising in innovative online and blended learning methods, she designs and oversees projects aligning with the organisation’s goals.

Carissa’s background in science education and member services and years of experience underscores her contributions to agricultural education, particularly in poultry.

Gene Pesti

Poultry Professor

Professor Gene Pesti, a world-renowned poultry science researcher from Georgia, USA, dedicates six months each year to sharing his vast expertise with the PHA network.

Boasting over 50 years of experience in conducting poultry nutrition experiments and statistical analysis, Gene’s impressive scholarly contributions include authoring three books, publishing 210 journal articles, and over 100 abstracts and proceedings.

His profound knowledge and significant achievements in the field have earned him numerous awards, highlighting his status as a leading authority in poultry science.

Kasche DeGoldi

Executive Assistant

Kasche DeGoldi is the Executive Assistant at Poultry Hub Australia, skillfully handling strategic administration and project coordination. Her role, central to managing the Director’s commitments and liaising with key stakeholders, leverages her diverse background, including experience as a Rural Financial Counsellor and in various NSW Police Force administrative roles.

With a Diploma in Financial Advising and progressing through a Bachelor of Business, Kasche’s proficiency significantly boosts Poultry Hub’s operational efficiency and success.

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