Wyandotte Female Silverlace large



Apart from its appearance, a major factor in favour of the Wyandotte is the ease of which these birds can be kept. This breed originated in the US and with the cooperation of the British, the Wyandotte is now a well-rounded dual purpose bird. The Wyandotte can be expected to lay approximately 180-200 eggs a year, which makes it a reasonable egg producer. The Wyandotte is also an excellent source of meat. The Hens are broody and take good care of their young. The Wyandotte is suited to cold conditions which makes it optimal for free-range production.


Soft feather – heavy



White, Gold Laced and Silver Laced are the most common Wyandottes in Australia. The Wyandotte can also be black, buff & columbian in colour.


Cock 3.2 Kg
Hen 2.95 Kg
Cockerel 3.4 Kg
Pullet 2.5 Kg

Wyandotte Columbian, Male

Bantam Variety Wyandotte

Rooster 1.7 Kg
Hen 1.3 Kg

Egg Colour


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