Welsummer, Male


The Welsummer lays large brown eggs however, it is a non sitter. Its head is small and its comb is upright and has evenly serrated points. It is a light, docile breed, with rustic-red and orange colouring. The Welsummer hens usually have gold hair-like feathers on their necks, as the cocks have a rusty-red on their necks. Representations of cockerels in the media are often based upon the “classic” Welsummer look, with the most common example of this being the Kelloggs Cornflakes rooster. Its eggs are dark-brown and spotty. There are three variations of the standard Welsummer, these are the Partridge, Silver Duckwing and the Gold Duckwing. There is also a bantam Welsummer breed which is similar but lays light brown eggs and exists in both Partridge and Silver Duckwing colours.


Soft feather – light


Various shades of brown black tail with beetle green sheen. Also silver duckwing. Cock is particularly colourful.


Cock 3.2 Kg
Hen 2.7 Kg


Bantam Variety Welsummer

Rooster 1.2 Kg
Hen 790 g


Egg Colour

Dark red-brown

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