Primary School Worksheets

Primary School Worksheets

Following the release of Secondary School worksheets, the Poultry CRC  commissioned the development of an Integrated Unit aimed specifically at Primary Schools. The Unit is titled “Eggs, The Inside Story” and is a Science Based Unit for Students aged 9 – 11 years.

Lesson materials will include activities for Science, English, Mathematics, History, Creative Arts, PE and Health and Technology. The new Australian National Content Descriptors from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, have been used in the creation of this material. The material has been split into components as follows:

Unit Plan (This document lists the resources and additional information needed for each activity.)

Primary School Worksheets are grouped by topic below

Activity 1 – Looking at Eggs

  • Bird Sayings
  • Looking at Eggs
  • Measuring Eggs
  • Science Experiments 1
  • Spelling Activities

Activity 2 – Experiments with Eggs

  • Science Experiments 2
  • Factual Recount

Activity 3 – Looking at the life cycles of oviparous animals

  • Chicken Anatomy
  • Life Cycle of a Chicken
  • Temperature and Time

Activity 4 – Methods of Egg Production

  • Commercial Egg Preparation Procedures
  • Egg Production Worksheet
  • Maremma Guard Dogs
  • Spreadsheet calculations

Activity 5 – Welfare of Chickens

  • Chicken Breeds
  • A Brief History of Egg Production
  • Chook House Mathematics
  • Designing and Making Activity
  • People who work in Egg Production
  • Word Search

Activity 6 – Eggs in our diet

  • Eggs in Food
  • Pikelets
  • Supermarket Eggs
  • Why Eggs are Good for Us

Activity 7 – Proposal for a School Chicken Pen

(This activity is outlined in the unit plan. There are no worksheets associated with it.)

Students in Class at Seven Hills State School

Library Research

Teacher Information

  • Drama, Music and PE
  • Display Cards
  • Visual Arts (10 different activities)
  • Reading Resources
  • Egg Spreadsheet (as a PDF)
  • Answers to the Maths Worksheets and the exercise titled “Why Eggs are Good for Us” are available separately (see below)

The full PDF with answers included, for teachers is available here. For those on a good internet connection, the full set of worksheets is also available to download as one PDF (2.2MB) but has the answers removed.  To download this file, click here.

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