User-Friendly Feed Formulation with data from Australia (UffdAu)

UffdAu was written to illustrate the principles, practices and possibilities of poultry feed formulation for tertiary students.  UffdAu uses 12 major ingredients from the Australian Feed Ingredient Database that were either locally grown or imported (AfiD, Moss 2020).

It runs on either Windows® or Apple Computer’s MacOS® operating systems using Microsoft Excel and its’ Solver add it.  The Excel workbook contains several worksheets to assist students in understanding how feed formulation can be made more efficient and updated.

Three main worksheets in UffdAu combine the ingredient composition dataset with minimums and maximums, nutrient bounds (mins and maxs) and ingredient prices to solve for the least-cost solution.  Additional worksheets illustrate how formulation data is derived from raw data, and present the results in tabular and graphic formats to print and visualize.

Instructors can easily adapt the ingredient and nutrient matrices, and current costs, to make the examples fully relevant to their students.  The workbook is easy to adapt for use by small producers and for other species.

For a more complete description, download the UffdAu workbook (below) and read the contents of the “Introduction” tab.

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