Australian Poultry Associations

Australian Poultry Associations

South Australian Poultry Association

The South Australian Poultry Association consists of a number of clubs committed to the promotion of pure breeds of poultry as a vibrant, exciting and challenging recreational activity.

The South Australian Poultry Association aims to provide a positive dynamic environment that enthusiastically promotes all aspects of breeding and exhibiting of pure breeds of fowl, bantams, waterfowl and turkeys; to maintain a strong gene pool of all pure breeds of poultry, and to vigorously protect the rare breeds of poultry so that they are available for the future generation.


The Exhibition Poultry Association of New South Wales

The Exhibition Poultry Association of New South Wales Inc. is the peak body for exhibition breeders and fanciers of landfowl, waterfowl and pigeons in NSW.  Its aims are to:

  • protect the rights, privileges and best interests of breeders and exhibitors, particularly those who are members of the association.
  • foster friendly participation in the breeding and competitive exhibition of all recognised breeds and varieties of domesticated land and waterfowl and pigeons
  • strive to perpetuate the relevant breed characteristics and excellence of type according to the Australian Poultry Standards of Perfection (or other standards where applicable)
  • consider any proposals for a new breed or additional variety prior to their being submitted to the Australian Poultry Standards Committee for evaluation
  • establish, maintain and publish a register of reputable accredited judges
  • promote the interests of poultry fanciers in NSW and on the national stage through affiliation with, and representation on, the Australian peak body.

The association is served by a volunteer executive committee.


New England Exhibition Poultry Association (NEEPA)

The New England Exhibition Poultry Association (NEEPA) is a regional poultry club that encompasses an area from the NSW north coast, inland as far as Narrabri, north to Tenterfield and south to Tamworth.


Victoria Poultry Fanciers Association Ltd

The V.P.F.A. Limited was founded in 1970 to meet the needs of poultry breeders and exhibitors in Victoria to promote Pure Bred Poultry.

The V.P.F.A Limited represents 40 affiliated Clubs and Societies across the State, with a base membership of approximately 250 people. These Clubs and Members support more than 65 shows across the State during the period April to August.

The Victorian Poultry Fanciers Association Limited (V.P.F.A.) also trades under the name of  “POULTRY STUD BREEDERS & EXHIBITORS VICTORIA”.


Feather Clubs Association of QLD

The Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Inc is the state body representing the poultry clubs of Queensland.

The Association offers registration for individuals enabling them to exhibit poultry at events run by affiliated clubs, a list of contacts, judges panel lists, steward and judge training and mentoring, and provides public liability insurance to its members. There are approximately 50 affiliated member clubs throughout Queensland.

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