Holding and Restraining Technique

Correct chook handling techniques

Holding & Restraining Technique

By Amy Webb and Kendal Scobie

  • To handle a chook you need to be calm & sensible.
  • You need to talk softly to the chook & keep talking gently to it while you catch it.
  • To catch it you need to try carefully and quickly grab hold of it by the legs and body.
  • If this doesn’t work try doing the same thing but faster.
  • If this still doesn’t work leave the chook for a while and then go back and try again.
  • Once you have the bird hold it by putting your middle finger in between its legs and squeeze the legs so the chook doesn’t go flying away.
  • Stroke your chook gently with your other hand.
  • To put the chook down simply make sure its feet are touching the ground and reverse the catching process.
  • Do not be mean to your chook if it does something wrong.
  • If your chook goes crazy do not panic just firmly hold onto your chook and talk quietly to reassure it.
  • If you feel scared while holding your chook don’t worry your confidence will grow and the chook will quiet down over time.

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