Australian Game

Large Australian Game, Male

Australian Game

This breed has been developed from the Australian Pit Game, but the Australian Game chicken is very different in stature. Australian Game was originally known as “Colonial Game” which was considered as a good meat breed.  ‘Aussie Games’ are large, solid and muscular. Their plumage is very hard and brittle.


There is no standard and proper colour description for this breed, and over the last decades, the bantam variety has been established in different colours.


Large Australian Game

Cock 4.0- 5.4 kg
Hen  4.0 – 4.5 kg


Bantam Variety of  Australian game

Rooster 1.25 – 1.6 kg
Hen 1.0 – 1.25 kg


Egg Colour


Australian Game, Female - Bantam

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