Show Poultry Handbook by Tintinara Area School

Show Poultry Handbook

As part of the 2008 WPSA Schools Poultry Education Competition, the Year 6 & 7 classes of the Tintinara Area School in South Australia developed and published their own report (Show Poultry Handbook) on how the students came to learn about and implement show poultry practices.


The WPSA Schools Poultry Education Competition, with the support of interstate agricultural teachers and schools, successfully helped develop student skills in team building, report writing, experimental design and statistics. Apart from teaching students important skills and information regarding poultry production and the Australian poultry industry, the competition also provided an opportunity for students to meet poultry industry members and academics, providing a unique mechanism for transferring information through to the community.

Tintinara Area School: Show Poultry Handbook

Carolyn Johnson (Ed), 2009.


Carolyn Johnson, Agricultural Teacher, Tintinara Area School

Ph: 08 8757 2120


Years 6/7 Poultry Survey Tintinara Area School

1.Did you enjoy working with the show poultry?

2.What skills did you learn from working with the show poultry?

3.What highlights did you have while working the poultry?

4.Is there anything you did not enjoy doing while working with the poultry?

5.Did you have any memorable moments while working with the poultry?

6.Is there anything that could be improved or changed to make working with the poultry more enjoyable?

7.Are there any other benefits that you can think of from working with the poultry?

8.Any other comments:

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