PHA Funded Projects

Poultry Hub Australia Funded Projects


Project 17 – 001: Ingredient matrix values for AME and implementation of net energy system in broilers

Project 17 – 002: Dissemination and enhancement of an NSP database for feed formulation

Project 17 – 003: Effects of rearing environments of ranging, adaptation to stressors and health in free-range laying hens.


Project 18 – 405: Evaluation of the prebiotic effects of xylo-oligosaccharides

Project 18 – 409: Insects for poultry nutrition in Australia

Project 18 – 414: Response of meat chickens to arginine in low protein diets

Project 18 – 422: Potential non-invasive biomarkers of intestinal inflammation and permeability in broiler chickens

Project 18 – 424: Monitoring of key infectious pathogens using poultry dust for controlling diseases

Project 18 – 425: Dietary inclusion of DV XPC yeast metabolite to alleviate potential gut dysbiosis in a female broiler breeder line and its effect on hen and progeny performance

Project 18 – 427: Evaluation of the immune-stimulatory effects of plant essential oils using an infectious laryngotracheitis virus vaccination – challenge model

Project 18 – 429: The role of education and attitudes towards hen welfare: a case study of furnished cages

Project 18 – 432: Epidemiological investigation of Spotty Liver Disease in chickens to inform disease control


Project 19 – 101: Review of the importance of sampling and sampling methodology in poultry production

Project 19 – 103: Evaluation of precision feeding to enhance broiler growth efficiency

Project 19 – 106: Early-stage feeding of spray-dried porcine plasma to improve health and performance of broilers in the presence and absence of Clostridium perfringens challenge

Project 19 – 114: Development of immunological assays to assist the control of Spotty Liver Disease in chickens


Project 20 – 215: Cross protection of Vaxsafe ST against a novel S. Enteritidis strain

Project 20 – 216: Defining Australian poultry euthanasia practices with a focus on cervical dislocation

Project 20 – 218: Ileal Ca digestibility

Project 20 – 220: Assessing behaviour and welfare impacts of water provision via misters in commercial ducks

Project 20 – 221: Molecular characterisation of avian hepatitis E virus in Australia and development of a rapid genotyping technique

Project 20 – 224: Improving chick post-hatch performance from young breeder flocks using in ovo creatine monohydrate supplementation

Project 20 – 225: Response of meat chickens to guanidinoacetic acid and betaine in reduced protein diet

Project 20 – 226: Immune responses to Campylobacter hepaticus infection: impact on recovery from Spotty Liver Disease in chickens


Project 21 – 301: Ability of fermentable fibre, xylo-oligosaccharides and xylanase to enhance nutrient digestibility and performance in broilers and laying hens

Project 21 – 303: The effect of AM/PM diets on feed efficiency, egg quality and welfare parameters for free-range layer hens

Project 21 – 304: Nutritional strategies to mitigate coccidiosis

Project 21 – 306: Determining the order of limiting amino acids in practical Australian reduced protein diets for laying hens

Project 21 – 308: Rapid On-farm Diagnostics for Bacterial Respiratory disease Outbreaks in Poultry (RODBROP)


Project 22 – 401: Novel approach to isolating antigen targets and developing an mRNA vaccine against Salmonella enterica

Project 22 – 404: Reducing abnormal behaviours through effective enrichment

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