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34th Annual Australian Poultry Science Symposium

6 – 8 February, 2023

The Australian Poultry Science Symposium (APSS) is the premier avian science conference in Australia and attracts delegates from all across Australia and around the World. 2023 will be the 34th edition of the symposium and we are extremely excited to announce that we will be returning to the Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park.

We have all experienced a very different world since our event in 2020, which we were extremely lucky to squeeze in right before the beginning of the pandemic. Through-out this difficult time we have still managed to maintain, and even grow interest in the symposium, offering a virtual conference over the past 2 years, which was extremely well attended. We have however made the decision to revert back to being exclusively FACE-TO FACE in 2023, not hybrid, as we want to encourage everyone to come back together to network, collaborate and of course socialise.

This years over-arching theme will be “Global Volatility and Poultry Industry Sustainability”.
There will again be an outstanding array of local and international invited speakers, and as always, we will be inviting researchers far and wide to submit and present a large range of scientific papers, loaded with industry-relevant content and cutting edge research. As usual, our extraordinary social program will also provide everyone with plenty of networking opportunities over the 3 day event.
For more information visit the website


AVPA Scientific Meeting February 2023

8 – 9 February, 2023

The Next AVPA Scientific Meeting will be held on the 8th and 9th of February 2023 in Sydney, immediately following the APSS Conference. The conference will be held at the beautiful Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park, located in the Sydney CBD, near Hyde Park.

Paper/Topic submission due: 28th of October 
Please submit topics to the below email, and a committee member will be in touch.
Alex-Kate Langfield:

Abstract submission due: 30th of November  
Abstracts to be submitted to Alex-Kate Langfield by no later than 30th November

This event has also been published on the AVPA website.



Poultry Information Exchange

Poultry Information Exchange (PIX) is an initiative of the Australian poultry industry and is a biannual industry event held between April and May on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.  PIX is focused on applied solutions for industry challenges and is well attended by Australian poultry industry personnel. More information about PIX is available at

World Poultry Congress

The World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA), established during the early 20th century, held its first official conference in 1921 in The Hague. It is held every four years in a different WPSA member country. Under the banner of The World Poultry Congress (WPC), it covers all aspects of poultry science and education, along with commercial exhibitions over three to four days. For more information about the WPC, please visit the official website of the WPSA at or search “World Poultry Congress + year” to find the specific website of the next conference.

Poultry Science Association Meeting

The Poultry Science Association (PSA) is a North American organisation established in 1908. The annual scientific meetings are held in various cities in the USA and Canada usually during July. Please visit the PSA official website at or search “Poultry Science Association annual meeting + year”.

European Poultry Conference

The European Poultry Conference (EPC) is organised by various European branches of the WPSA and is held every four years in various European cities. This conference covers all aspects of poultry science and runs over two to three days.

Australian Poultry Science Symposium

The Australian Poultry Science Symposium (APSS) is an annual meeting held in February by the Poultry Research Foundation at the University of Sydney. It covers most aspects of poultry science, except those relating to health and disease, which are covered in the Australian Veterinary Poultry Association (AVPA) meetings. AVPA meetings are held biannually, with one immediately after APSS.  The websites for APSS and AVPA are: and where the meeting dates and venue are usually given well ahead of time.

European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition

The European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN) is held every two years in various European cities sometime between July and September. ESPN exclusively covers poultry nutrition and thus attracts delegates from all across the globe. There is no single dedicated portal for this conference but it can be found easily with the search term “European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition”.

International Poultry Expo

This is perhaps the largest poultry exposition in the world and is held in Atlanta, Georgia every January. It is known as the “Atlanta Poultry Show” by most industry people. The show attracts around 20 thousand visitors each year. Although its focus is trade display, concurrent seminars are conducted to cover various topics throughout the three day event.

Asia-Pacific Poultry Conference

The Asia-Pacific Poultry Conference (APPC) is organised by the Asia-Pacific Federation of the WPSA and is held every three years in various Asian cities. APPC covers all aspects of poultry science.

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