Hamburgh Black Female


The Hamburg chicken variety originates from the Netherlands.  Though small, these active birds are well renowned for their ability to lay up to 220 eggs a year, and also a good feed-to-egg ratio and quick maturation. There are approximately 10 popular breeds of the Hamburg variety, some include the silver and golden spangled variety. The Hamburg display a high tendency to be nervous around people. Though ornamental in nature, the Hamburg is an efficient forager, however, eggs produced are often quite small.


Soft feather – light


Several colours; black with a green sheen, silver or gold spangled or pencilled varieties all with white ear lobes.


Cock 1.8 – 2.3 Kg
Hen 1.8 Kg
Cockerel 2.0 Kg
Pullet 1.75 Kg


Bantam Variety Hamburgh

Rooster 680 – 790 g
Hen 620 – 740 g

Egg Colour


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