Indian Game

Indian Game, Dark Male

Indian Game

Indian Game, also known as Cornish Game, originate (as their alternative name suggests) from Cornwall, England. The rather large and stocky bird is not well known for their egg producing ability (they can produce 160-180 eggs per annum), but are decent table birds. Indian Game may not be suitable for backyard producers or enthusiasts as they require a substantial amount of space and require extra shelter as they tend to have thinner feathers than other breeds. They are generally aggressive birds, however, they are relatively easy to handle. The Indian Game is highly prone to parasites.

Indian Game, Jubilee Female


Hard feather – heavy


Indian Game are categorised into Dark Indian (base colour is black with green and bay or chestnut), Jubilee Indian (base colour chestnut- brown with white) and Double Laced blue Indian dark blue (shades of blue and brown). In Australia, the Indian Game comes in dark (or cornish), jubilee, white and blue.

Cock 3.6 Kg
Hen 2.7 Kg
Cockerel 3.86 Kg
Pullet 2.95 Kg


Bantam Variety Indian Game

Rooster 2.0 Kg
Hen 1.5 Kg

Egg Colour


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