Malay Game

Malay Game, Male

Malay Game

Malay Game are a fierce, proud bird that stands very tall. It is the tallest breed of chicken and may stand over 90 cm high. Subsequently, they require a lot of space and enjoy being outdoors. They are sensitive to cold temperatures due to its short, sparse feathering. A good Malay will have three distinct arches to its profile which are formed by the curves of the neck, back and tail.


Hard feather-large


Black, black-red, Duckwing, Pile, white and other game colours



Large Malay Game

Cock up to 5.0 kg

Hen up to 4.1 kg


Bantam Malay Game

Rooster   1.19 – 1.36 kg

Hen          1.0 – 1.13 kg

Egg Colour

Tinted/cream in colour

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