Minorca, Male


The Minorca is one of the heaviest of the light breeds and originates from the Mediterranean. The breed was developed in England from imported Castilian fowl of Spain. They are utility fowl and were once in the class of widespread large flocks for laying (they lay large eggs) and meat production, like the Leghorn breed which is the smallest of this class. They will not usually go broody. A breed that enjoys foraging and free-range and will rarely be worried about aerial predators. The distinction of the Minorca is its rather large white ear patch much like the White-Faced Black Spanish (another of this class), which makes it recognisable at a distance.

It is thought that approximately 100 chickens of the white phase of this breed now exist in the United States, where once they numbered in thousands. Another member of the Minorca group is the Blue Andalusian which is noted for its equally Minorca large-sized comb, limiting this breed to warmer regions as frostbite is a problem for these birds.


Light feather-soft


Black, white and blue



Cock 3.2 – 4.1 Kg
Hen 2.7 – 3.6 Kg


Bantam Variety Minorca

Rooster 960 g
Hen 850 g

Egg Colour


Minorca, Blue Female

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