Modern Game

Modern Game Pile Male Btm

Modern Game

Modern Game birds are not good egg producers and their meat is not exceptional. Therefore, Modern Game are predominantly used for ornamental purposes only and because of this, it is essential to guarantee extra shelter and to assure that they receive plenty of exercise to maintain their slim and well-postured appearance. There are over eight Modern Games varieties that originate from the UK. Modern Game are a very popular breed in Australia, particularly the miniatures. The birds are tall and slender with exceptionally long legs and the comb, ear lobes and wattles are usually dubbed. Modern Game could be considered as good pets for the back yard poultry keepers since this breed is friendly and curious towards people and can easily be tamed.


Hard feather


Black & Red, Brown & Red, Golden, Silver, Birchen, Black, White


Rooster 3.2 – 4.1 Kg
Hen 2.3 – 3.2 Kg
Cockerel 2.3 Kg
Pullet 1.8 Kg


Bantam Variety Modern Game

Rooster 570  – 620 g
Hen 450  – 510 g


White or lightly tinted

Modern Game Duckwing, Male Bantam

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