Indian Runner

Indian Runner Drake (Images courtesy of NEEPA)

Indian Runner

The Indian Runner is an excitable duck breed, however, they can easily be trained. This breed is an exceptional egg layer (over 300 eggs a year) and can produce enough meat for up to two people. The Indian Runner is great for all poultry keepers, however as this particular bird is prone to parasites it is necessary to ensure that they receive adequate medication. The Indian Runner is atypical to other duck breeds as it runs instead of waddling. The Indian Runner has a very upright posture which allows them to forage efficiently in rice fields. This breed is particularly popular in Australia where at least four distinct varieties are bred.




Fawn, white and pencilled


Drake 2.0 – 2.3 Kg
Duck 1.6 – 2.0 Kg
Young Drake 1.8 Kg
Young Duck 1.6 Kg

Egg colour

Blue-green to white

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