Pekin Drake (Image courtesy NEEPA)


Pekin ducks are fast growers and efficient layers and are the most popular commercial duck breed, and are particularly popular in China. Pekin ducks are highly sociable and are generally too heavy for flight. Pekin ducks are precocial birds (mature from birth) and therefore make ideal companion animals, and the relationship that can develop can rival that of humans and dogs, if not surrounded by other ducks. They are an intelligent breed of duck.

The adult Pekin duck can lay an average of 200 eggs per year if the duck is prevented from hatching them. Pekin ducks are less broody than other ducks and are therefore more likely to abandon the eggs before hatch, in which case, hens are an appropriate alternative to hatch the eggs. They will often lay their eggs where another duck has previously laid, which they consider to be a safe place. As a result of this characteristic, Pekin ducks can be deceived into laying eggs in a desired position by placing a small egg-shaped object (such as a golf ball) in that place.




Deep cream or cream


Drake 4.1 Kg
Duck 3.6 Kg

Egg Colour

Creamy white

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