An interview with a recent PHA Job Ready participant

Introducing Kevin – One of the poultry industry’s newest recruits.

After numerous casual jobs in cafes and restaurants, Kevin signed up for the Poultry Hub Job Ready Training in the hope of getting some more regular employment. Since completing the training, Kevin has gone on to be employed in the chicken processing plant. We sat down with Kevin and had a chat about his new job.

PHA: Hi Kevin, how have you been?

Kevin: Good. Busy, but good.

PHA: How’s work going?

Kevin: Pretty good. I have been getting lots of hours, so I have been keeping busy.

PHA: What type of jobs have you been doing?

Kevin: I have been in the bagging area, hanging and adjusting chickens.

PHA: Are you happy to work at a processing plant?

Kevin: Yes, its good physical work. It’s different from other jobs I have had clearing tables and washing up. I’ve also had some good people who have been mentoring me and showing me how to do things.

PHA: How did you find out about the poultry industry?

Kevin: My Job Coach asked me if I was interested in doing Job Ready Training with a focus on poultry. I said why not. So I went and did the course.

PHA: Did you enjoy the training?

Kevin: Yeah, it was good. It was really interactive. We did some activities with lego, egg quality testing, meat quality and virtual reality which was exciting. We had a good group, so we had fun. It was a pretty relaxed environment. We had a good 4 days, but we also learned a lot.

PHA: Then what?

Kevin: Bruce helped me complete the application for the recruitment agency. They called me not long after that and asked me to go for an interview. Bruce came with me to the interview which helped as I was a bit nervous.

Later that day they asked me to come and do some work experience. So I went to the processing plant, had a look at the jobs they do, and thought yep, this is for me. Next thing I know, they offered me some shifts and it’s been good ever since.

PHA: What’s the work like?

Kevin: It’s not easy. But you get used to it after a few shifts. I’m actually feeling a lot fitter since I started working. Even at home, I have been doing a lot better because now I’m in a routine and I’m not just chilling on the lounge all day.

PHA: What would you say to anyone thinking about getting a job in the poultry industry?

Kevin: Go for it. There is so many different types of jobs in the processing plant itself, not to mention the farms, transport and feed mills as well. If you aren’t sure what the poultry industry has to offer, sign up and do the Job Ready Training. It’s a really supportive environment and you will learn a lot.

And yeah, the pay is good too!

PHA: Thanks Kevin.

If you are interested in a job in the poultry industry but are unsure what to expect, the Poultry Hub Job Ready Training can help you learn about what types of jobs there are and help decide if it suits you. We support you to complete forms and apply for jobs. We will also support you along your journey to employment.

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