Brains Trust – A Snapshot of Industry Views

The brains trust session was run during day one of Ideas Exchange 2018 and was designed to get maximum audience participation. The session required all to answer questions through an anonymous online platform. Questions were submitted by attendees both prior and during the conference. The questions ranged from who would win the footy grand final to more serious questions focused on industry issues and needs. Answers were displayed on the screen in real time allowing everyone to see the responses as they were populated. This session generated a great deal of discussion and was a great way to do an informal anonymous survey of all attendees. It was an activity that enabled people to get talking and interacting leading into dinner. Following very positive feedback we will endeavour to incorporate more interactive activities such as these at future meetings. Below is a snapshot of some of the questions and responses covered during the brains trust session.

A mind map generated in the brains session. The question asked was “In one word describe the biggest problem the Australian poultry industry currently faces…..”.


Graph generated at the brains trust session displaying the percentage split when asked “With the ABS projecting an Australian population of 50 million by 2060 and 70 million by the end of the century and the Murray Darling basin drying out in front of our eyes, should the poultry industries be proactively looking at alternate methods of feed and production?”.


A mind map generated in the brains session. The question put to the group was “What would be the most useful tool for your chicken enterprise?”.


When asked “If you could turn your litter and other waste into energy for your sheds would you consider investing in a bio-digester system?” at the brains trust session participants responded as shown in the above graph.

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