Bridging the Gap Between Early Career Researchers and Industry at APSS 2024

In a pioneering move to foster collaboration between early career researchers and industry professionals, Poultry Hub Australia, the Poultry Research Foundation and AgriFutures Chicken Meat Consortium are holding an engaging networking event at the Australian Poultry Science Symposium (APSS) in February 2024. The objective is crystal clear: to break down barriers and cultivate meaningful connections between academic researchers and industry representatives.

The event, designed as a morning coffee and cake networking function, invites mentors from the poultry industry to connect with mentees attending APSS 2024. Distinguished Professors Roura, Choct, and Crowley will kick off the session with an introduction, setting the stage for dynamic interactions between mentors and mentees throughout the event.

Short-Term Impact: Fostering Dialogue and Relevant Research Ideas

The aim of this session is to break the ice between academic researchers and industry leaders, leading to heightened communication and discussions on research ideas with direct industry relevance. This improved dialogue aims to yield more industry-applicable research proposals, boosting their likelihood of success and impact. By positioning this event at the conference’s outset, organisers hope to spark ongoing discussions and interactions throughout the symposium.

The event’s larger vision extends beyond immediate outcomes. Organisers aim for a cultural shift towards continuous dialogue between researchers and industry stakeholders. Recognising the vital role of industry-applicable academic research, the event seeks to instil in the next generation of researchers the importance of industry consultation when conceptualising and executing research projects.

The success of this event hinges on recruiting mentors deeply invested in the poultry industry. The criteria for mentors include an active career in the poultry sector, attendance at APSS 2024, and a commitment to developing networks with early career researchers. Organisers seek mentors who see the value in a mutually beneficial mentee/mentor relationship.

Early Career Researchers (ECRs) stand to benefit by participating as mentees. Criteria for mentees include working within an Australian University or research institute, earning a PhD within the last five years (up to February 2019), or up to nine years with significant career interruptions. ECRs will have the chance to express their interest during APSS registration, ensuring a diverse and dynamic group of mentees.

In summary, this networking event at APSS 2024 holds the promise of not only creating immediate connections but also fostering a lasting culture of dialogue and collaboration between early career researchers and the poultry industry. It’s a pivotal step toward ensuring that academic research aligns seamlessly with industry needs, safeguarding the future of the Australian poultry sector.

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