Building Capacity in the Australian Poultry Industry

Poultry Hub Australia (PHA) is committed to supporting and strengthening all aspects of the Australian Poultry Industry and building capacity through our programs and projects.  Through collaboration with industry partners and research institutions alike, Poultry Hub Australia is working to help improve production, increase animal welfare, reduce the environmental impact of the industry, and invest in the next generation of poultry industry careers.

With a population that’s increasingly health-conscious and aware of the importance of sustainable food practices, the demand for poultry products in Australia has risen steadily. It is estimated that the average Australian currently consumes 50kg of chicken per year, almost double that of any other protein source. With Australia’s population estimated to reach almost 30 million by 2030, production will need to increase to meet this demand. However, with consumers increasingly becoming aware of the environmental impact of their food choices and our responsibility to ensure food security, this increase will need to be achieved in an environmentally sustainable way.

Alongside investing in expanding production capacity through new facilities, improvements in efficiency, sustainability and welfare will be needed to supply an ever-growing consumer market. Central to the industry’s capacity-building efforts is a commitment to innovation. Programs such as Poultry Hub’s Research in Industry Open Call have delivered numerous research outcomes and new practices that are relevant in the real world and will directly contribute to increasing productivity and efficiency; thus, improving sustainability.

As the Australian poultry industry continues to evolve, collaboration and innovation is essential in building capacity and sustaining growth. Ensuring that research projects are relevant to industry and are addressing contemporary issues remains a priority for PHA, and we have ensured the continuation of this by funding projects that are supported by Australian poultry industry representatives. Programs such as our PoultryGRAD conference, Farmer and Researcher workshops and Researcher in Industry Scholarships ensure the establishment and strengthening of networks and partnerships between industry and academia by providing researchers with real world on farm experience and the opportunity to discuss current issues with primary producers directly.

Building capacity in the poultry industry goes beyond infrastructure and technology—it also requires investing in human capital. For years one of the biggest challenges discussed at our Ideas Exchange Conference is the constant struggle to recruit people into the poultry industry, and even more so, keep those who are in the industry from moving on. Recognising the importance of a skilled workforce, Poultry Hub Australia is constantly working to champion the Australian poultry industry to prospective recruits through workshops with high school students, such as the upcoming Tamworth Agricultural Careers Expo, our Undergraduate Industry Internships or the PIX Young industry delegates program. These programs are all specifically designed to showcase what careers the industry has to offer, strengthen networks within the industry and continually upskill young industry members.  

Poultry Hub is dedicated to continuing to support the Australian poultry industry through our programs and research projects and is always looking for new opportunities and industry partners. If you would like to be involved in any of our programs or become a member of Poultry Hub Australia please reach out to us at

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