WPSA – Australian Poultry Award

World’s Poultry Science Association Australian Branch

Rules for the Australian Poultry Award

The Australian Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association wishes to recognise outstanding work of benefit to the Australian

Poultry Industry and sets out the following rules which will apply to the Award.

  1. Name of Award

The award shall be known as the Australian Poultry Award.

  1. General Conditions

(a)        The Award shall be made to persons normally resident in Australia.  The Award may be made to the same person more than once, but not for the same work or service.  The nominee need not necessarily be a member of WPSA.

(b)        The Award shall be made annually, but if in the opinion of a majority of the Selection Committee who respond, there is no candidate of sufficient merit, NO Award shall be made in that year.

(c)        The Award shall take the form of a suitably inscribed plaque including the WPSA insignia and winner’s name.

(d)       The Award shall be made on suitable occasions, such as the Australian Poultry Science Symposium and the Poultry and Stock Feed Convention, or as approved by the Australian Branch Management Committee.

(e)        Nominations shall be completed on a nomination form distributed to ALL financial members by the Australian Branch Secretary by May 31st each year.

(f)        Nominations must include essential details of the work of the nominee upon which the nomination is based, and should not exceed TWO pages.

(g)        Completed nominations shall be forwarded to the Australian Branch Secretary to arrive NOT LATER THAN 31st July each year.

(h)        The Selection Committee shall consist of the following: The President; Vice-President; Secretary; Treasurer and Immediate Past President of the Australian Branch; the President of each Australian Sub-Branch and Award recipients from the previous 10 years who are still active in the Australian poultry industry.  The Australian Branch Management Committee to determine the eligibility of previous Award recipients to vote on the Selection Committee.

In the event of a Sub-branch President being a voting member of the Australian Branch executive, the Vice-President of the Sub-branch to be included in the Selection Committee.

All members of the Selection Committee to be entitled to ONE VOTE ONLY.

A member of the Selection Committee who is nominated for the Award shall not be entitled to vote in the year of nomination.

(i)         The Australian Branch President shall be Chairman of the Selection Committee and together with his Vice President and Secretary shall be responsible for conduct of Award procedures and act as sole returning officer to determine the Award winner, in accordance with the prescribed rules.

(j)         Voting to be by secret postal ballot.

If more than two nominations are received, a preferential system of voting will apply using a system which has the principle of allocating one point for first preference, two points for second preference, three points for third preference etc.

Method of Selection:

  • In totaling the points awarded to each nominee, the candidate receiving the lowest total count shall be the Award Winner.
  • In the event of one or more candidates receiving the same minimum total, preference shall be given to the candidate receiving the greatest number of first preferences.
  • In the event of a tie at this stage, the Selection Committee will vote again on the tied candidates.

(k)        Nominations shall be made only by financial members of the Australian Branch of the WPSA who shall agree that the nomination will be strictly confidential.  In the event of a breach of confidence the Selection Committee reserves the right to reject any nomination affected.

(l)         When a special function is held to present the Award, the recipient and guests may be advised in confidence of the recipient’s name in sufficient time prior to the function to ensure attendance at the presentation.

May, 1997

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