EFG Broiler Model Workshop at UNE

On Wednesday 20th of November Poultry Hub supported the EFG Broiler Model Workshop that was run by Peter Chrystal and Greg Hargreave from Baiada at UNE and was also livestreamed online.

The EFG Broiler Model is a unique scientific and management tool for poultry nutritionists, geneticists and managers, but perhaps even more suited to those running poultry experiments. The model allows researchers to run quite detailed and accurate simulations through the prediction of feed intake, which is particularly useful to project the outcome of a study or to recreate what was previously observed to help identify the underlying mechanisms of the recorded responses.

Peter Chrystal and Greg Hargreave were very kind to donate their time and experience to introduce the 17 poultry researchers that attended to the broiler model. It was a fascinating tutorial followed by discussion as the participants followed along with demonstrations from Peter Chrystal and ran their own simulations and scenarios, predicting performance, body composition, yield and economics.

The day ended with a tour around UNE’s new multipurpose research facility and exciting additions to the poultry facility, including a new automatic water intake measurement system and the current installation of the Feed Logic automated precision feeding system.

Again, a big thank you to Peter Chrystal and Greg Hargreave for such a fun and interesting day!

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