Egg Grab’n’Grade spreads its wings

The Poultry CRC launched an educational/gaming iOS app in Australia in March of 2013 (with over 1550 downloads to date!). Now the app has been released in Apple’s app store in Europe, Canada and the United States, adding to the potential use of this exciting resource. Egg Grab’n’Grade is available as a 99 cent download in these newly added regions, and remains a free download for those in Australia.

The game simulates an egg grading process, whereby different types of eggs are sorted as they roll past on a conveyor. Players must identify the cracked, dirty, misshaped, undersized or oversized eggs and move them to the appropriate ‘buckets’, while leaving the good eggs to go through to packing.

The game features a tutorial mode that discusses the different types of eggs and where they end up, an endurance mode that speeds up as the player scores and a ‘mad minute’ mode where the player has one minute to score as many points as possible.

Egg Grab’n’Grade has been designed principally to teach school students about food safety and quality in the egg industry. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and can be easily integrated by educators into the classroom environment. It provides a good spring-board for discussions around food production, food safety and quality assurance.

In addition to Egg Grab’n’Grade, the Poultry CRC is also working on delivering a more realistic egg grading simulator in the coming months. This will be freely available to Australian Egg Producers (as a PC or MAC compatible executable file) and will be used principally for VET or in-house company training.

The game (and the upcoming simulation software) has been developed in conjunction with Holopoint Interactive in Adelaide, Australia. For further information please see

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