EggGrab’n’Grade! – Poultry CRC launches an iTunes app

The Poultry CRC is thrilled to announce that after many months of hard work, we have an app in the iTunes store! Titled Egg Grab’n’Grade, our newest learning resource is available as a FREE download within Australia.

Egg Grab’n’Grade illustrates the different types of eggs that are removed on a grading floor. Egg Grab’n’Grade shows how eggs make their way from hen houses where they are laid, through the grading floor, to a packing station where they are put into cartons, and then on to shop shelves. Players must identify the cracked, dirty, misshaped, undersized or oversized eggs and move them to the appropriate ‘buckets’, while leaving the good eggs to go through to packing. The game includes a comprehensive tutorial about each egg type, and includes a number of factoids about eggs.

With a great soundtrack, colourful graphics and lots of positive feedback, the game is visually appealing and can be highly addictive as players try to beat their previous scores. Players can play in a stand-alone mode, or, if logged on to Apple’s Game Centre, they can compete with their friends online for achievements and high scores.

This game has been designed principally to teach school students about food safety and quality in the egg industry. It is compatible with ipad2, ipod4 and iphone4 (and later versions of each) and can be easily integrated by educators into the classroom environment. It provides a good spring-board for discussions around food production, food safety and quality assurance. But most of all, playing it is fun! And while having fun, students can learn without even noticing it.

The Holopoint team with Poultry CRC Education Manager Liz Roan
The Holopoint team with Poultry CRC Education Manager Liz Roan

The game was developed in conjunction with Holopoint Interactive in Adelaide. The Holopoint team have done a wonderful job throughout the whole process. From the original concept, through many hours of testing and refinement to the completed product, their understanding, patience and professionalism have been outstanding!

The Holopoint team of Tom and Ben travelled to Poultry CRC headquarters in Armidale during the initial phase of this project to flesh-out original concepts for the game. A subsequent trip to Tamworth producers Bede and Narrelle Burke (from ‘Glendon Poultry’) allowed Ben and Tom to see egg grading first hand. From this experience, the Holopoint team was able to replicate the look and feel of egg grading.

Poultry CRC hopes that the game will prove popular in Australia and, with Easter upon us, now is the perfect time to introduce a game about eggs!

An early ‘skeletal’ version of the game during testing
Screenshot of the completed app
Screenshot of the completed app


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