Extension important for sustainable poultry production

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In a recent Poultry CRC meeting, key industry leaders highlighted the importance of extension work for the future of poultry research, education and industry expansion. It was widely recognised that whilst timely dissemination of new information is essential, the continuous availability of existing knowledge in an easy-to-access format is also vital.

This discussion stems from two facts: (a) researchers spend a lot of time preparing funding proposals, which are often rejected due to lack of novelty, and (b) industry faces problems from time-to-time that require urgent solutions in areas of research that have been addressed previously. Unfortunately, the knowledge of this research often resides in the mind or on the shelves of individuals, rather than in a searchable format accessible to researchers and industry alike. The problem is that when individuals that hold this knowledge retire or leave the industry, the knowledge usually disappears with them. This is an incredible waste of time and money.

The Poultry CRC, in close collaboration with its partners, will endeavour to fill this gap over the next few years. It will involve: (a) creation of a repository for reports and proceedings arising from research projects funded in Australia, and from industry conferences and workshops conducted in Australia over the past thirty years; (b) discussion with key industry experts about their past research findings and collation of their thoughts; (c) listing or commission of reviews for ten areas of poultry research recognised by experts as priorities for the next ten years; and (d) establishment of a dedicated page on Poultry Hub for this and promotion of the page to researchers and industry personnel as widely as possible.

I am sure this will not be done without your collaboration. In fact, this will rely on your open and enthusiastic cooperation to succeed. So I am thanking you in advance for your contribution to this important project!



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