First Director of Poultry Hub Australia appointed!

New Director of Poultry Hub Australia

Dr Tamsyn Crowley, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology and Therapeutics at Deakin University, is the new Director of Poultry Hub Australia. Tamsyn, who has an extensive background in poultry research, has been involved in a number of Poultry CRC projects in her previous role at CSIRO and in her current position, most recently miRNAs, a novel target for improving broiler chicken health and production. Tamsyn will take up her appointment as an Associate Professor at UNE, charged with getting Poultry Hub Australia (PHA) up and running.

As Dr Kylie Hewson, External Program Manager – Chicken Meat at RIRDC, and Assistant Executive Director at APIA and ACMF, says “Tamsyn is a great choice for inaugural Director, she’s a solid poultry researcher and a great communicator. She can oversee the research and educational projects of Poultry Hub Australia, while also having the relationship management skills to make it a successful poultry centre for our industry.”

Owing to notice requirements and the need to relocate from Geelong to Armidale, Tamsyn will start at PHA on 24 April. To offset this delay, Poultry CRC CEO, Professor Mingan Choct, will travel with Tamsyn to introduce her to poultry industry leaders in the weeks between now and then. Tamsyn’s first meetings in her new role will be at The University of Sydney’s Australian Poultry Science Symposium to be held at Sheraton on the Park between 13 and 15 February.

“Yes, I’m incredibly pleased,” said Professor Choct, “it is pretty tough getting a transition body up for any CRC, let alone one in the agricultural sector. Tamsyn is a leader. Her natural way with people, and her native intelligence, will ensure a great start for PHA. I’m very confident to pass the Poultry CRC’s legacy into Tamsyn’s safe hands.”

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