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Welcome to another edition of eChook!

Following a very successful August during which we received the World’s Poultry Science Association’s Education Award in Salvador, Brazil and launched the revamped Poultry Hub website (, we have been active in preparing for an even busier September. This month we will hold Ideas Exchange 2012 and also receive Preliminary Research Proposals from our researchers.

Firstly, I would like to say a few words about the Poultry CRC’s Ideas Exchange event. Ideas Exchange is an annual Poultry CRC forum designed to provide an opportunity for industry experts, students and scientists to mingle together over a couple of days in a friendly environment. The aim is to increase two way communications between industry and researchers, and enhance the relevance of research outcomes to industry. We now have research projects that include molecular biologists, microbiologists, nutritionists, veterinarians, biometricians, geneticists and medical scientists. Projects that are highly technical in nature often have industry steering committees that reinforce the importance of short or long-term industry relevance of research. Indeed, the new scientific and production challenges the poultry industry faces today are highly complex and require multi-disciplinary solutions. Fostering genuine, lasting collaboration amongst scientists from various disciplines and industry, more than ever, requires face-to-face human interaction in an environment where people can relax and think. If only one good idea arises from this event, it will make it all worthwhile for us!

Secondly, we have called for Preliminary Research Proposals to address a set of priorities that are essential for the Poultry CRC to achieve its overall objective. We encourage our researchers from various disciplines and organisations to submit collaborative proposals to us. Natural formation of teams with complementary scientific skills and research facilities has always been a strength of our CRC and such teams have often offered novel solutions to complex problems.

Best regards, Mingan

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