Internship unlocking future

Veterinarian, Miss Sheridan Alfirevich, has recently commenced a Poultry CRC supported internship with poultry health consultancy, Zootechny Ptd Ltd under the supervision of Dr Peter Groves. “My interest in poultry stemmed from an interest in aviculture and companion birds from a very young age” said Sheridan. “During my final year at University, my thinking was geared towards eventually working in the poultry industry”.

Sheridan made the move to Sydney at the beginning of the year to commence work with Zootechny, which is a CRC participant. “I feel privileged to be working under the guidance of such a passionate, knowledgeable and experienced mentor as Dr Peter Groves” Sheridan said. “I am very much enjoying performing post mortems on birds in the field, recognising pathology, taking laboratory samples and theorising as to the possible causes of disease” she added.

Travelling around NSW to experience first-hand many different poultry management and operational styles has proved very inspirational to Sheridan, allowing her to gain the most out of her internship. A lot of her time has been spent with Baiada, particularly in Griffith and the Hunter Valley. “My time with Baiada has encompassed both breeders and broilers” Sheridan said. “I also expect to have increasing involvement with Pepe’s Ducks in the Sydney area”.

Using this experience to learn as much as she can, Sheridan sees a bright future for herself within the poultry industry. “Everyone has been very professional, friendly, welcoming and have expressed how exciting it is to see someone young and new enter the industry, especially in a veterinary capacity” Sheridan said. “I am very fortunate to have been offered this internship with Zootechny through the Poultry CRC.”

Sheridan in with Broilers

The unique physiology of birds and the science involved in poultry production on a commercial scale has always been very intriguing to Sheridan. “I am very excited to now be able to turn my interests in poultry physiology, pathology, science and research into a full time career.”





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