Julie’s Corner: Education and Training Update – January 08

Queensland FarmBis Project

The main activity since the last issue of eChook has been the Queensland FarmBis Targeted Industry Initiative project. We are now at the stage of finalising the development of the new training materials in Workplace (Occupational) Health and Safety and Information Technology and are about to conduct some testing of the materials using industry volunteers. The testing needs to take place during February so that we can meet the March 31 deadline for the Final Report on the project.

The Director of the RTO (Registered Training Organisation) which we have chosen for the FarmBis project, Ms. Susan Gleeson from FarmGate Training, will be meeting with Meg Parkinson early in February to discuss the review of the Rural Training Package. There is some uncertainty about the progress of this review because of the change in federal government but we want to make sure that the poultry industry perspective is put forward.

Updating of Murrumbidgee College Poultry Training Materials

This process is going well and has been enhanced by the purchase of some OCR (optical character recognition) software which is enabling us to convert hard copy and PDF files into Word files which can then be edited. Dr. Tom Grimes has completed the review of all the health and welfare materials and Dr. Irene Gorman is now making good progress with the Commercial Layer Management manual.

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