Julie’s Corner: Education and Training Update – March 08

New Undergraduate Vacation Internships and Graduate Industry Internships

In an effort to recruit new bachelor degree graduates into the industry, the Poultry CRC has announced two internship initiatives aimed at both undergraduates and recent graduates.

The Undergraduate Vacation Internships will be available through Poultry CRC participating universities and industry partners and will involve work conducted during university vacation periods.

The Graduate Industry Internships will pay half the salary of new or recent graduates to spend 12 months working with a CRC industry partner.

Contact me on (02) 6773 2632 or Julie Roberts for more information and application forms.

Queensland FarmBis Project: testing of training materials

Two weeks in February were taken up with the testing of the training materials developed during the Queensland FarmBis Project.

The training materials in Information Technology (IT) were tested in the computer annexe at the University of Queensland’s Gatton Campus. The first three days covered basic aspects of computer use, such as word processing, file handling, the Internet, email and basic spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel). The fourth and fifth days covered intermediate spreadsheets. We had the same 10 participants for the first three days and three of these joined an additional 9 participants for the intermediate Excel (12 participants in total). The trainer for these sessions was Mr. Ross Smith of FarmGate Training(formerly of Dalby Agricultural College). Ms. Susan Gleeson and Ms. Jennifer Gleeson also visited Gatton to enrol the participants at FarmGate Training, the Registered Training Organisation which will keep records regarding the participants’ training.

The participants in the testing of the Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) Training materials were also registered with FarmGate Training. The WH&S testing for egg industry participants, which was held over two half-days in the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (QDPI&F) building in Toowoomba, was attended by 13 participants and a number of observers. Testing for chicken meat industry participants was held on one full day at the Carina Leagues Club with 5 industry participants and two observers. The trainer for the WH&S testing was Mr. Paul Westbury from Sunstate Training, training under the auspices of FarmGate Training.

We are planning an additional session for testing the IT materials in Toowoomba in the second week of March and there are some issues related to the training materials that we would like to test further. As part of the project, several industry people will also be undertaking the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) procedure with staff from FarmGate Training. The final Steering Committee Meeting for the project will be held in the QDIP&F building in Brisbane during the second week of March. Following the completion of the Queensland FarmBis project, we will be offering additional training in IT and WH&S (OH&S) in Queensland and other states. We’ll also be developing and testing some training materials in Human Resource Management (legislative requirements, conflict resolution, etc.).

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