Life Cycle Assessments for the Australian Poultry Industry

With an increasingly discerning public and a demanding regulatory requirement, it is important that the poultry industry clearly understand its environmental footprint. Life cycle assessment tells us the environmental impacts and resource usage by an industry throughout its supply chain.

At Ideas Exchange 2012, Stephen Wiedemann from FSA Consulting, a partner of the Poultry CRC, presented their work on Life Cycle Assessment of both the chicken meat and egg sectors of the Australian poultry industry.

Mr Wiedemann is the lead author on two recent reports commissioned by the Rural Industries R&D Corporation (RIRDC) and the Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) in collaboration with the Poultry CRC to carry out comprehensive life cycle assessments for both chicken meat and egg production. These reports are available at the RIRDC and AECL websites, respectively.

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