October eChook Newsletter Welcome

October eChook Newsletter

Welcome to another edition of eChook. This past month we have been busy preparing for our Ideas Exchange conference in Brisbane later this month. I am looking forward to the conference especially the wonderful program of speakers that we have been able to put together. This year we will have a plethora of speakers both from industry and research backgrounds and even a few people who span both areas! The program will include talks showcasing some great new ideas on the horizon, biosecurity, industry insights and some currently funded PoultryHub projects. The process of putting together this year’s program has been a very enjoyable one for me as it has provided me with the opportunity to meet and chat to a great range of people in our poultry industry. However, it also highlights to me how many more people that I am yet to meet and chat with. Ideas Exchange 2017 will go some way to enabling me to meet and discuss Poultry Hub Australia with more people in the industry, but I am keen to extend the invitation to anyone in industry that would like to know more to contact me at poultryhub@une.edu.au.

I hope you enjoy this month’s eChook,


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