PHA Strategy

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PHA Three Year Strategy

Poultry Hub Australia has released our 2024-2027 Strategy. This strategic plan is imperative for us at Poultry Hub Australia as we aim to attract new members to our community. A well-crafted strategy serves as our roadmap, allowing us to effectively communicate our mission, values, and the tangible benefits of joining our organisation. Having a strategic plan is indispensable as it provides a guiding framework to align activities with our mission and values. Given the inherent constraints of limited resources, strategic planning becomes essential for prioritising and optimising resource utilisation efficiently. Engaging with stakeholders, setting measurable goals, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of operations are integral components of Poultry Hub Australia’s strategic approach. The plan also establishes adaptable mechanisms, enabling us to navigate changes and capitalise on emerging opportunities in the poultry industry. By facilitating effective decision-making, aiding in communication and fundraising efforts, and fostering organisational focus, the strategic plan will contribute to Poultry Hub Australia’s overall success over the coming three years.

Our goals are and have always been to:

  • To maximise the value of research, education and training for the Australian Poultry Industry.
  • To build capacity in all areas of the Australian Poultry Industry.
  • To facilitate a network of researchers and industry partners to foster communication and enhance extension and adoption.

In order to continue to achieve these goals, the Plan identifies key outcomes and priorities across 5 focus areas: Research, Capacity, Training, Networks and Organisation. Under each of these key focus areas are a list of desired outcomes and the priorities that PHA will target in order to achieve them.

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